United we stand. Divided we fall.

For too long, we Americans have been asleep at the wheel. Content to let the
bureaucrats and their lackeys run our country, we stayed on the sidelines. After all,
good times create weak men.

But 2020 awoke a sleeping giant. Across the nation, we witnessed just how far the bad
guys are willing to go to steal our God-given freedoms.

No more.

Our bad times are creating strong men and women, unified in our cause to retsore our republic. Is it any wonder why tyrants want to divide us? A people divided lack power.
But together, we can marshal a force for good.

And not a moment too soon. For it’s evident this is the most crucial moment in our
nation’s history—if not the world. If we don’t stand up for our rights NOW, there won’t be
a second chance. We will lose it all.

Our children and their children will ask, “Why didn’t you put up a bigger fight for what is

We cannot—and will not—allow that nightmare to transpire.

Instead, beginning in North Idaho, we are assembling a community of patriots
committed to defending our Constitution.

Once upon a time, our founding fathers and mothers stood up to evil, giving us the
greatest country the world has ever known. Through their bravery, freedom exported to
the rest of the globe.

Now, in the second decade of the 21 st century, it’s up to the next generation of patriots
to once more show the world freedom is not only possible, it’s inevitable—should we
only join together. But remember, life is not a spectator sport.

Our non-violent movement is to empower our local community to take action. This
includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Getting the right people elected
  • Preventing more tyranny and fraud
  • Making the public aware of what’s really happening
  • Connecting and unifying local businesses
  • Building a vibrant coalition

There is much work to be done. We encourage you to learn more and get involved.

As George Washington once said, “Our cause is noble; it’s the cause of mankind.”

Where does the money go?

We implement a team approach towards expenditures that support freedom and conservative values:

  • Alternative media that provides news and information MSM will not cover
  • New medical models that respect patient choice and medical freedom
  • Litigation of legal matters affecting our civil liberties
  • Operating expenses for community events
  • Administrative costs to promote, market and maintain our mission to serve our communities

Stay Up-to-Date

Text 208-295-5946

Text “NIFF” for general updates

Text “BUSINESS” if you are a patriot business

Text “VOLUNTEER” for volunteer opportunities